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.. a Belgian-based 3D visualisation studio specialised in the creation of photo realistic product imagery and high quality animations. Whether you are looking for a physical product image, a conceptual drawing, video projection (via 3D mapping techniques), exploded views, augmented reality or an interactive project, 3D Effect can meet your needs. Counting on over 5 years of experience, 3D Effect offers you a wealth of 3D possibilities together with a truly hands-on, no nonsense approach. Your concerns and wishes are our top priority.


While working at Vintage, I worked on an internal campaign for Alcatel-Lucent. The egg represents an idea. The goal of the campaign was to encourage employees to share their ideas. You can view a revised 360° walk cycle animation here. This animation was part of a complete marketing mix.

Nike Lunarglide

Client: Create Multimedia

During the launch of the Nike Lunarglide, 3D Effect worked together with Create Multimedia to create a 360° animation. This animation was projected on a glass plate, in every major store in Belgium.

Barco feeling bright

In 2010, Barco launched Red Ventures. This company-wide initiative provided Barco with a portfolio of over 70 promising business opportunity plans, created by the employees. Vintage Productions create an awareness campaign with various print materials, I created the teasing web videos. 

Bobcat - T770

This animation was created while working at Vintage and this is just a small part of a 360° tool. This tool explains the different product functionalities, allowing the user to take a virtual tour around the product. I created exterior and interior animations based on CAD files.


Together with Create Multimedia, 3D Effect created a sales tool for BEST, a world leader in sorting technology. The sales tool included 360° animations and working principle animations, explaining the different functionalities of the products.


Client: Canon

For the new Canon Ixus 300 HS, 3D Effect was asked to create a 3D animation. The video was shown on a holocube, during the launch of the camera.  The animation shows the camera’s different functionalities and options along with the 3 different colour versions.

Nokia C7 Cellphone

3D Effect created a commercial video for Nokia’s newest product, the Nokia C7. In the video, a couple of features had to be highlighted, allowing the user to learn the different functionalities. Modeling, texturing, animation, video recording and composition was done by 3D Effect.


While working at Vintage, we created an i-brochure to promote the car online. I've revised the model, textures and lighting, trying to create a realistic product shot in different environment settings. Scroll down to see another setting. Click here to see the making of video.


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